Mixed with plants, food, uncommon scenes & even suitable for vegetarian players, recommended for users who'd like to know how simple HTML-codes could define a bunch of exciting stuff? View some funny lines while exploring hidden regions, could additionally direct you to innovative paths with alternate ending-sequences.


  • hover your mouse over specific spots = german translation
  • single or double-click with your mouse's pointer
  • optionally: using your mouse-wheel
  • interact with your keyboard on spots that could stay in connection to your current struggle or recently unlocked hints
  • patience / wait some moments
  • how to get rid of that fullscreen? click 'esc' on your keyboard


  • 'emptiness' replaces by spotting your cursor's icon*, interacting with a left-click on that section, hitting a keyboard-button in reference if that textline there, for unlocking stuff.


  • its storyline being based on a concept, so no single letters/numbers/icons within a verb or noun would refer to progressing there, also no 'shortcuts' that includes more than one key being coded either
  • be sure you're using that fullscreen-button anyway to notice each appearing text that could be missing if you'd prefer using its minimized game-tab instead
  • that game-file's programmed without any sound/audio or graphical parts, to keep it simple and quite minimalistic in size & it won't be offered as download-version for reasons
  • tested on "basilisk"-browser which is similar to "firefox" (on windows8.1-version) & originally it got tested on a laptop-screen, while firefox also gets its "input"-section highlighted and even able to rewrite somehow
  • "explorer", "opera", "chrome" won't quite get every line appear perfectly - still the codes itself should work, in case you enable your javascript and for the first type also its activeX-elements there
  • planned to get reviewed on VR, linux, mobiles (also if the itch's fullscreen-button being visible/clickable)

probably won't support those devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy A70 (system: android, browser: chrome)
  • issue: error-message


  • in europe timezone
    19.12.2020 publishing its origin file
    07.01.2021 releasing its first update
  • 17.01.2021 added some devlog-files
    26.01.2021 scrollbars enabled on itch-platform
    03.02.2021 edited custom itch-font/colours/style
    28.02.2021 planned sequel (in european timezone)
    05.04.2021 slightly adding a in-gamehint of a spot where users could probably get stuck
    august2021+ planning to add another chapter to this (so far) 39kb-sized txt-file & game's type being changed from 'released' to 'in development' aka "under construction", possibly an added new devlog-post could be released close about the new version's part or after sharing it as playable-version too

  • the file itself got recoded with those new section but also including some fixed bugs & this game's description on "itch" getting more hints of 'how to play' or how players could progress in-game
  • comparison to its main-file:
    restart-background & some additional font-textlines: colour update, also replacing specific input-tags and small paragraphs appear rather bigger

    seeds & harvestable groceries: text appearing in a bigger size

    skip/continue-lines: ID's added & first one getting visually hidden

    setTimeout-feature: delayed in timing-effect

    interacting with something: fixed. gets its correct paragraphs visible

    pen&paper referring to an edited scene

    chapter-spot: fading-effect

    plantation: additional spaces & delayed timers

    seeds: text bit varies from its origin version

    ending-scene: new stuff added (e.g. workers' text getting actually vanished than still staying active & some 'random' object will get slightly different options for getting selected)


Development log


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Hey I tried to play your game and I got stuck on a screen that just says “Navigation”. Any advice?


Hi snowinn, that title's approx. its menu there (so it appears on every subpage/chapter too). First spoiler how to progress from that sandbox-level to more interaction: find a spot that refers to something being 'available'.

Some places will be rather "hidden" later, also just a slightly different appearance of your pointer could possibly reveal something useful there too.


I didn’t expect it to be puzzley like that ! Thanks !


At least its sequel being planned more story-focused than based on riddles there. Maybe my spoiler about the clickable section still helps some players to pass this chapter.

I'm curious about opinions on my sequel's version too. Not sure if there will be an independent-game released on valentine's day, or if just its sequel getting published on 28th of february so far.


this game is very interesting however in my opinion I feel there is lack of something (maybe I am too accustomed to games with graphic and sound). Anyway don't get bored too fast and give it a try cause it is worth!